Caring for a senior is a rewarding profession, and Ashford Martin Corporation employees provide personalized care above the average assisted living community. The advantages of a position with Ashford Martin Corporation extends far beyond excellent co-workers and a beautiful work environment. Come be part of a company that is truly making a difference in the lives of seniors.


Please contact a communitynear you for information about volunteer opportunities.

Ashford Martin Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Just as we celebrate the individuality of our tenant, the diversity of our valued employees' life experiences helps us better serve our tenants and the communities that they live within. Regardless of backgrounds, there is at least one thing we all share: a commitment to quality of life for seniors.


All Ashford Martin Corporation employees receive competitive pay. Additionally, most employees are able to take advantage of our premier benefits package. We believe that our employees are better positioned to offer care when they too feel cared for, so our benefits package includes health, dental, vision and life insurances, as well as paid time off, holiday pay and a variety of other perks.

Ashford Martin Corporation celebrates the successes of our employees and are committed to helping each of them expand their sense of self and accomplishments. We strive to help all our employees achieve personal and professional growth that is only available in our care-focused environment.

Volunteer Positions